Test Strategy

This is the basic test strategy applied to Quality Spy development (and maintainance).

Test Subject

Quality Spy (program, plugins, setup).


Check the stability and usability of new features (verification and pre-validation). Check for regression bugs.


Feature tests occucur as fast as possible after development. Regression tests should be executed before a release. No scheduling.


No specific requirements.


Manual testing; split up into secnario testing and functional testing. Unit tests and full UI integration tests also exist, but only as an additional security and faster feedback. Main testing will be manual. With time the automated part should increase.


Primary Tool: Quality Spy + Mantis Integration

Needed Equipment (clean VMs):

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP

Different Windows themes (Classic, XP, Aero)

Freemind 0.8, 0.9 / latest version

TestLink installed on a web server to create test data.

Automation: NUnit and TestStack.White


Me – Andreas Kleffel.

I will try to get feedback from other persons as a validation. But the primary testing is not done by other persons than me.

Acceptance Criteria

New functions are stable (or labeled as “beta”), no fatal regressions are introduced. At least smoketests should be executed for each even minor release. Minor bugs are acceptable.


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