Test Run: WP.com plugin – 5th test

Tester: Andreas
Type: Exploratory Test
Test date: 11/30/2013
State Done

Play with it

Need some fine tuning to look really pretty once published


Positive My Icon is here…
Positive This excerpt looks really great!
Error Localization issue – must be in current culture of quality Spy (english), but is german format:

probably because culture is not set on worker thread. Such a shame that .NET 4.5 does this out of the box, but not .NET 4.0

Error Too much spacing

Reason: embedded “meta data” as comments -> must be changed to display: none

Warning Strange that there is no featured image, because the post contains images. When I publish post in the WordPress UI. Featured image will be auto-selected
Error Looks not perfect
Warning Too much text messes up layout
Other Title should be configurable
Other Funny notification
Other Improve generation of excerpt

Do not include test date, do shorten text of scope and summary if too long

Other Using the “Compound” Theme the expert is way too long…
Other For a “test only” blog it would be better to publish test strategy and outline as pages
Warning Is it possible to omit this stuff? XML format should be merge-friendly
Warning Maybe use multiple columns? Remove test date?
Edit: is OK to keep date in detail post
Error The “temp” post for image upload looks like this. Must this be public? Can’t this be made a draft?
Error Missing sub-header “Protocol”
Error Might be due to the fact that I have cancelled the upload (maybe multiple times?), see also the many duplicate posts for the one post

Also, please check if it is possible to upload this “temporary posts” in draft mode


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