Test Run: Wp.com plugin – 4th test

Tester: Andreas
Type: Exploratory Test
Test date: 11/27/2013
State Done

Full testing. Check if completely done.

No real hard problems, but all the little things that I don’t accept for a release


Warning Casing not consistent

Warning Layout of WP, can this be influenced?
Other What to enter here? Can this be influenced?
Other I exported a single test run, clicked “back” before it was complete and clicked export again.

This is acceptable, must not do such fine-tuning without anyone using it yet, except me

Other Still some minor spacing issues
Positive Updating a test run in single export worked
Positive Test Date was used as published date, OK
Warning Sorting of test runs should be from newest to oldest
Other Layout issue in WP. Image is too large
Warning There is too much spacing

Positive Publishing the whole QS project worked.
Positive Updating a single post is fast also when the blogs contains many posts (imported QS blog posts and complete QS test project)
Error No scrollbar: content is truncated
Positive Selection is stored, also persistent
Error Got a duplicate. I saved the test project to a different file. But this should not affect post identity??

This should be discussed. I think this is due to the fact that the project GUID changed, seems to be that for post identification project GUID + test run GUID is used in combination??

Error Issue of mine:

SaveAs -> to save file again

Error: file is in use?

Error Issue of mine:
After SaveAs -> Outline path is orphaned and not correct anymore
Warning “Back” button when connecting?
Warning Outline is not activated in project, but shown in export. Error on export.

I would normally expect then that the checkbox is either not visible or disabled, but this OK for the first release

Positive Assigning multiple categories OK
Error Tags and categories are not assigned on update of posts

Other Sizing issue regardless of theme…
Error Windows should have min-size
Error Spacing issue invariant of blog theme

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