Test Run: Wp.com plugin – 3rd test

Tester: Andreas
Type: Exploratory Test
Test date: 11/23/2013
State Done

Test 3rd version of WP-plugin. Core functions should be stable to a large portion now

OK: The image upload problem seems to be solved
NOT OK: The update post functionality doesn’t work at all
NOT OK: Generated text has several issues, also major ones (especially the test run “header”)

In the current state it is not ready for beta-test

Also the UI “concept” is not enough, either do a complete rework to make export content selectable or do it as initially described (http://qualityspy.wordpress.com/2013/09/29/publish-as-blog/) with single commands:
– Publish Complete Project
– Publish Strategy
– Publish Outline
– Publish Test Run


Positive The current naming of posts is much better and clearer now
Error Several spacing and text issues still exist
Error If a test run is “free”, do not include the test plan property in the header
Error If empty, omit:
Other Export prototcol entry category – “unclassified” -> rename to “Issue”
Error Publishing the outline when file wrong is not good enough. Instead don’t publish and show red log statement in console

Also differ two cases
“Cannot export outline. Image was not set”
“Cannot export outline. Image was not found at path C:\somepath\image.png”

Other I’m not sure, if this GUID-tag can be hidden?
At least change the sort order of tags so that “real” tags are shown first?

Or as an alternative, can it be embedded into the post as invisible meta-data?

Error Duplicate posts possible. I thought this was solved?

Somehow I was able to create duplicates. I used the save as function for the project and I renamed.

Posts even have the same tag assigned!

Error I can very easily reproduce this
1) I emptied my blog competely (deleted also all trash)
2) uploaded to blog -> OK
3) uploaded again -> all test cases are duplicates
Other Strange authorization behaviour:
I saved “Dependency Tracker” on my desktop and then published again. Seems like on SaveAs project gets new project guid assigned? Probably no, because after re-publish to WordPress the test Strategy was still there, but I had to re-authorize (why when the project guid is unchanged?)
Other I tested the upload with a mobile connection in a train. It was slow, but worked. Is there a timeout on a single command? What happens when one request takes too long?
Warning Minor, but at several locations: inproper spacing between texts. Please change
Other Is it possible to generate a short summary text in plain text (I think WordPress has a feature to set a summary text, if supported by theme this should be shown)

The auto-conversion from HTML doesn’t look perfect:

Positive Multiline-Replacement is correcly done for HTML
Positive I uploaded a 2 MB photo, this worked.
Warning But one problem. I could not enlarge this picture on the blog. Is this due to the theme. Usually when embedding a large picture at WordPress, it will be visible when clicking on it.

What is “told” WordPress? Use it in orignal size, adjust it?

Other Uploading several smaller images takes much more time than uploading one big image (especially on a mobile connection in the train – HSDPA). I think that this cannot be changed and is OK
Other In the WP-UI I can set the published date for a post. This must work via API as well.
The date should be the test run date in QS, not the current date
Error Issue of mine:

Crash on save as (tried to save dependency tracker project to desktop – with one new test run)

Repro: really only occurs when added test run…


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