Test Run: WP.com Plugin – 2nd test

Tester: Andreas
Type: Exploratory Test
Test date: 11/19/2013
State Done

Test implementation progress.

– The prefix in the post titles is not very nice (e.g. “Test project:Dependency Tracker,TestRun:”)
– The post identification technique (via project name) is not stable enough
– The basic update workflow worked, uploading images in general worked
– I liked the basic approach of the log console, although there needs to be some fine-tuning
– The uploading of the images is not stable, in most posts the images are “randomized” and not the correct images are shown
– Multiple blog targets – authorization should be stored by test project


Error I had some trouble with the compilation, I needed to re-add the references to Quality Spy
Other Dialogs need some fine-tuning

showing multiple dialogs should be improved

Error Used identification technique “project name” is not stable enough, changing the project name leads to multiple published posts
Error Title of Test Strategy post should be simply “Test Strategy”. One blog should not contain data from multiple sources
Positive I like the colour-encoding in the console window
Warning “Cancel” Button doesn’t work yet
Error Crash when outline was activated but no file link exists
Error Publishing worked, image is shown.
Except: title is not nice yet
Positive Publishing a second time worked
Warning Like discussed, the media gallery is trashed with orphaned images. I can live with it.

But I have not given up hope, that there is a solution for that.
Can images be deleted when they are not attached?
So using a naming convention like qualityspy_img_* + not attached will allow resolving images that need to be deleted?

Positive Ultimate test. Uploading the whole QS project with several MB and hundreds of images in total.
Other I’m not sure, if publishing the whole project is that useful. Items should be selectable.
But that should be solved with a final UI draft. Should be done at end.
Other Small enhancement: could the export window be in non-blocking mode so that I can continue work while exporting a big project?
Error When exporting the whole Quality Spy project and open some test runs, images are shown, but not the images that should be there. There seems to be a random mixing.

Plus: for some images a “cross” is shown.

Positive Exporting the single test run works.
Positive In some posts images are right. Must be checked why wrong in some
Error Test Strategy – should be paragraphs, doesn’t look good with some more content now
Positive Selecting the blog target when I have multiple blogs works (handled by wordpress)

(Why is layout so strange, I would assume with IE10 WordPress should render fine)

Positive Publishing to private blog also worked
Warning Probably more a WordPress issue, but after publishing images are nevery shown correctly on first try, I have to press F5 and then non-thumbnails are shown
Warning Update on image problem: seems like images are correct in “first visible” post (probably last published?). All other posts are messed up.
Other All posts are uncategorized. This should be configurable.

In my qualityspy.wordpress.com blog I want all posts to get the category “QA”. But this should not be fixed.

Other Currently the authorization is stored globally. Typically a project will have one blog target.
I should not be forced to re-enter authorization when I switch projects, but I already have authorized for the target in the past.

Since every project has an GUID, this can safely be used and stored in isolated storage.


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