Test Run: WP.com Plugin – 1st first test

Tester: Andreas
Type: Exploratory Test
Test date: 11/16/2013
State Done

Giving feedback about implementation progress.

Goes into right direction.


Error Project was .NET 4.5, must be .NET 4 Client Profile
Positive Authorization seems to work
Other Will this authorization also work on XP and Vista? (well, maybe there is only IE6 or IE7 installed)
Positive Publishing also worked
Other As you said, authorizing every time when publishing is not perfect, so when it is possible to store the authorization…

I must be able to somewhere configure the URL of the blog. When changing the blog, re-authorization should be done.

For the Mantis-Plugin I did this in a popup-dialog when publishing. That would be also OK, but maybe it’s also possible to add a new settings tab at the project page.

Other Is the Authorization currently adhoc? In my test blog, I currently don’t see that I authorized an application. Will it be visible here, when you store auth somehow? Or will it be somewhere different?
Other Be aware: a WP-user can have multiple blogs (I have 4), so I must be able to choose a blog after auth. Blog target should be saved per project.
Other Publishing the same test run multiple times must update the blog post, not create a new one (I guess this was not your intent with this version)
Other HTML is not complete (I guess this was not your intent with this version)
Other When I did this procedure manually, I added some tags -> always “Test Runs” + some additional tags. I think adding the “Test Runs” tag can be hard-coded.

Other tags can be added in WordPress.com directly, that’s OK (then, they should preserved when the post is updated)

Other I couldn’t test if publishing to a non-public blog works, since I didn’t found this setting in WP anymore, but I think it should be no difference in the API and work as well

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