Test Run:

Tester: Andreas
Type: TestPlan
Test plan: Gesamtes Repository
Test Date: 29.06.2013
State: Done

Test scope: Full regression test on XP system.
Test summary: I had no problem using the new feature. Everything worked as expected and fixed in the previous test run.

However, before releasing some layout issues occurring under XP should be fixed (issues already existed). When this is done -> release it.

Warning Under XP the border is missing:
Warning Button Styling in XP
Warning In Page Test Runs and TestPlan where Tabs are used the color isn’t very nice -> either use white for the full inner tab content or use color transparent (for hit testing)
Warning Alignment is not perfect (XP specific?)
Warning Bei einem Testcase gibt es die Funktion “Import aus Freemind”, aber nicht die Funktion “Import aus TestLink”. Bei einer Testsuite beides – wieso?

Error Typo
Warning When I add a new test case via the context menu, it is added at position 2. should be at the end (maybe since the menu entry position is at item 2??)

Warning General problem of the context menues: not the selected, but the “clicked” element is used as the source for the action, but as user it is not so clear which item will be deleted here:
Error I must click exactly on the text, the icon doesn’t work
Warning Layout issue in XP. make either both sides transparent or both sides white – also think about removing the border around tree view

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