Test Run:

Tester: Andreas
Type: Free
Test Date: 28.06.2013
State: Done

Test scope: Test new feature: Test Plan Compilations
Translation is excluded.
Test summary: Biggest issues:
– LabelEdit mode not 100% working
– UI for the plan compilation selection must be improved
– Reports must be updated

But in general it works as expected

Issue UI needs some polishment here (borders). Also when compilations are empty -> some comment like in Test Repository. Also the icons are not perfectly aligned

Issue The new feature makes the program more complicated. Maybe the naming should also be “Test Plans” then. Maybe the text that is shown when no compilations exist should also explain a little bit what test compilations are and that either the full repository or compilations may serve as a test plan.
Positive Works: adding a plan compilation -> label edit mode triggers of in same look & feel as in plan editor
Positive Dirty Tracking also works when renaming, sorting or deleting compilations
Warning UI-Shortcuts are not the same in Compilations and in Test Repository:

DEL is missing
ENTER for adding too, but that makes sense since items will be inserted at position one.

-> also see next entry

Issue Consistency of Layout: In the test repository a context menu is used.

It was OK in the beginning, but now I think it doesn’t look so nice in comparison to the rest of the program. I like the toolbar design used in protocol editor much more, except that it takes away more space, so maybe it could be slimmer

Issue When I want to add many test suites to the compilation the clicking takes a lot of time

Alternative: multi-select, or alternative buttons near

Positive When I change the structure in the plan editor, the compilations view is updated correctly (sort, change parent)
Positive I think that the color coding in combination with the text hint is meaningful
Positive The program ensures the consistency:

–> should create a unit test for that

Issue Currently there is no possibility set the “use test cases” property. I can either use the all children or nothing
Error Crash when selecting a TestPlan in a TestRun -> Subsuites should never be returned “NULL” -> should be empty list instead. Program continues to work -> only problem in debug mode
Positive Works: selecting a test plan and executing it

Positive Also works: percentage done is updated after test plan was changed of test run
Positive For exploratory tests I can’t select the test plan: OK
Warning When I delete a Test Plan Compilation that is used in a test run, a warning for the user should probably occur!
Warning Side note / other error
Error Escape doesn’t work in Label Edit Mode:
Error Label Edit Mode is not correctly completed: enter some text -> click somewhere else

Issue Nice to have: show amount of test cases that are included in a test plan
Issue The Test Plan has no test suites / test cases, so the summary chart looks like this: -> maybe show a warning? or at least the test plan and the amount of test cases in the summary?
Positive Summary shows correct values
Positive In the reports the summary is correct
Error The reports must be updated. the test plan is not the compilation, but the complete repository
Issue The test run report must always include the used test plan in the header
Warning There should be a list of the compilations in the report documentation, not sure if I need the complete plan compilation printable again, or if the current amount of test cases is good enough
Error Problem in Reports:
probably same problem as: Subsuites should never be returned “NULL”

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