Test Run:

Tester: Andreas
Type: Free
Test Date: 15.06.2013
State: Done

Test scope: Enlist all big issues of the “dirty prototype”.
Test summary: Enlisted all layout issues that were expected.
Bug: the test result summary contains wrong aggregations.
Feature completion is about: 40%.

Issue The UI for the reports needs to be fully created (buttons etc.)
Issue Good default values:
– page view, 100% instead of current stuff
Positive The general output of the reports is OK. Useful data is printed out
Issue The general layout needs to be checked. Some sort of product branding needed (Logo + maybe header and footer)
Issue Page number needs to be more at the bottom
Issue The page break is bad here and throughout all reports.
The header should always start a new page
Issue Typo:
Issue Risk List should be sorted by something -> maybe Type, Category, Name.
Now it looks very chaotic
Issue Not sure, if this is only a preview-problem, but some borders have a different weight and look ugly (including all sub-reports)

When saved as PDF this problem goes away, but in a high zoom level, you can again see different border sizes (picture 2)

Issue Empty footer row
Issue Within the test plan report there is no information about the hierarchy of a test suite.
But such a thing is needed, maybe
Issue The spacing needs some fine tuning:
Issue Also it may look better if the cell content would have slightly more padding.
For Risk list this was OK, but here it looks very bare
Issue The outline picture is currently not included. It’s only low-priority, but it would be really nice
Issue Localization is missing for most reports -> check this for all
Also for all fields
Issue Also page break here:
Issue This “sub-header” should be a little but smaller. Same for test run > protocol
Issue Several layout issues at test results
Error Incorrect computation of “rate”
Error Incorrect values: it looks like the values of the first test run are used.

Fix note: this was due to sub-report caching. Added another parameter for uniqueness

Positive For free tests no result summary is shown. OK
Issue When the test suite contains no test cases it can look a little strange.
Maybe print a clause: contains X test cases, contains 1 sub-suites
Issue The spacing around the protocol header looks ugly. Try to start content
Issue Test protocol isn’t useful that way. Should be a table including classification, accepted, fixed and re-checked state
Issue The summary page has no representation in the reports. But this could be useful

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