Test Run:

Tester: Andreas
Type: Free
Test Date: 09.06.2013
State: Done

Test scope: Tested mainly the new protocol feature.
Test summary: Send to Mantis was blocked due to missing file in setup, but the protocol itself worked very well. But there are some details that should be improved.

Positive The new side bar is really cool
Positive Also cool: the new real document-like Test-Editor
Warning Colors of new side icons bar should be checked, should maybe a dark gray instead of black

Impl. Note: made triangle black as well

Error Closing this tab doesn’t work when there is no text (old bug)
Warning Could maybe disturb some people: those changing backgrounds. at least make it configurable (play mode)

Dev: I removed it, maybe use later for “fancy mode”

Warning I want to change the language, I can live with the German labels, but the German spell-checking is killing my nerves
Warning When I uncheck the filter, the filter is still active
Error This buttons are inactive, but that’s not clear for a user
Positive I have added now 5 issues or more with screenshots, save performance (STRG+S) was good, I didn’t notice any blocking
Warning Changing the state of an entry is maybe not perfectly clear here. Maybe add an hover effect
Important: only react when clicking on the button, now it also works if I click in the big white space below
Error Sending stuff to Mantis was blocked, probably the config file missing in the setup files. (My URL was correct)
Positive Navigation with highlighting seems to work
Warning This Look & Feel is nowhere else used. Maybe use instead Links with Hover-Underline Effect and single click such as in execution of cases
Error There seems to be an issue with sorting / inserting not at the end of a collection. I added a positive entry at position 2 or three and after saving re-opening the file the entry was at the end.

Also I think I encountered the same thing with Test Plans. I guess that there is something wrong in the View-Model to Model synchronization process.

Error CTRL+Click can be used to unselect items in the test protocol. This works in some section. It should either work in all areas (bubbling from the textbox
Positive The Scrolling within the Test protocol is very smooth and I would say it feels better than the original MS Word stuff
Issue Deleting in single select mode and without a way to multi-select is not perfect, but acceptable
Warning Layout could be better when 3 boxes wouldn’t stretch

Dev-Note: tried to improve that, but looked even uglier. current layout is kept.


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