Test Run:

Tester: Andreas
Type: TestPlan
Test plan: Gesamtes Repository
Test Date: 30.05.2013
State: Done
Test scope: Flexible Schemes, Test Protocols.
Test summary: No great bugs encountered. But the integration in the test runner and on the summary page is a little poor right now. Should be improved.

Test protocol is stable and all basic functions work. But two things are bad: no text wrapping, clipboard support doesn’t work when used with Greenshot (blocker for test workflow!).


Test Run: (Dev Lightweight Bugtracking)

Tester: Andreas
Type: Free
Test Date: 12.05.2013
State: Done
Test scope: First developer test. Find as many issues as possible.
Test summary: In general it works. UI must be polished. Images don’t work well, good technical design needed.

See result doc.